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TWW's official statement is delivered to members of the news media to provide information, create an official statement, or make an announcement directed for public release.


Texan Wire Wheels LLC, inventor and owner of technology and various trademarks for its wire wheels and wheel systems relating to improved wire-spoked wheels, emphasized today that they have long owned intellectual property rights for their well-known brands, including its 30-spoke wheels and accessories. To combat unauthorized use of their brands and products, the company has taken appropriate legal measures to protect their brands and products.

Texan Wire Wheels has been involved in the wire-spoke wheel industry since 2007. It spent years perfecting the technology that makes its wheels the industry standard bearer. Now, 13 years after sharing its innovative creations with the world, Texan Wire Wheels, LLC has established a reputation in the market as a pioneer in the wire wheel industry.

The following are trademarks of Texan Wire Wheels, LLC and are Registered in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office:®, 1.877.SWANG®, Super Poke®, Extreme Poke®, Poke®, ‘83s®, ‘84s®, ELBOW®, SWANGAS®, GOT SWANGAS?®, and SWANG®. The following are also trademarks of Texan Wire Wheels LLC: Texan Wire Wheels, TWW, the TWW logo, 30spoke, If You Ain’t Pokin’ … You Must Be Jokin’, Gold, Gorillas, Gorilla Poke, Orangatang Poke, G-8, Ridiculous Poke, Giraffe Poke, G-10 and the distinctive extended hub wire wheels product configurations.  Texan Wire Wheel, LLC wire wheels are known for their trademarked design and patented technology providing a safer wire-spoke wheel having increased strength and decreased noise.

It recently came to Texan Wire Wheels, LLC’s attention that a number of companies and sellers have been using the company’s brands to sell infringing products. Pirated versions of the aforementioned products have been found in various online marketplaces. Such practice brings confusion to consumers and infringes on Texan Wire Wheels, LLC’s intellectual property rights.

This unethical violation of Texan Wire Wheels, LLC’s rights devalues the hard work invested by the company’s creators to develop unique and efficient products. These products were manufactured with high precision to ensure that every customer gets the benefits of the Company’s research and production standards.

“It is clear that these unscrupulous sellers who wish to make a quick buck are exploiting the goodwill and solid reputation of Texan Wire Wheels, LLC, and in doing so, they are also exploiting our customers,” said Bill R. Johnson, the company’s General Counsel. “We are steadfast in protecting our intellectual property and our customers. We want to make sure that they get our original, high-quality wheel products.”

In light of the activities around the market, Texan Wire Wheels, LLC has indicated plans to protect its intellectual property from the infringement, fraud and false & defamatory postings being committed by these companies and individuals. To that end, Texan Wire Wheels, LLC is implementing a program to give notice to and work with e-commerce websites and legal counsel to successfully address and remove fraudulent listings, counterfeits, and infringing products.

For more information about Texan Wire Wheels, LLC, visit their website at 

Texan Wire Wheels, LLC

311 N. Robertson Blvd, Suite 809

Beverly Hills, California 90211

For more information regarding Texan Wire Wheels, LLC notice and enforcement efforts, please contact its National Litigation Counsel at:

Damon L. Ward, Esq.

Ward Law Group

4057 Brunswick Avenue

St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55416

(612) 353-9770 Main

(866) 759-6030  

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