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The Swanga® experts at Texan Wire Wheels are happy to answer your questions regarding fitment and maintenance by emailing between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Time, Monday through Friday. We will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

Provide detail information regarding the make, model, year, FWD, RWD of the vehicle, and the specific 30 spoke® wire wheel you intend to purchase.

This section of our website is specifically for wire wheels fitment and maintenance questions. Please email the appropriate department for sales, customer service and general inquiries, or you may visit our contact page.


Thanks! We’ll send you a response shortly.

Texan Wire Wheels Aftermarket Wire Wheels Care and Fitment Information

We have provided information that we hope you find useful on topics about aftermarket wire wheels. It is our commitment to educate our customers by providing them with up-to-date information on our industry.

Caring For Your Wheels

  • Cleaning your wheels is important, especially for polished, glossy, or chrome finishes. If not properly cleaned, heat from the sun or your vehicle’s brakes can eventually bake contaminants into the finish on your wheels, making it difficult or impossible to clean them.

  • Treat your wheels as you would treat your vehicle’s paint. Clean one wheel at a time, using a mild soap with water and a soft sponge or cloth to gently scrub away dirt and brake dust. Rinse immediately with clean water and dry with a soft cloth to avoid dried soap or water spots. If desired, apply a wax to help repel water and contaminants.

  • Never use chemical cleansers, degreasers, or abrasives to clean your wheels; they will damage the finish.

  • Avoid automatic car washers. The finish on your wheels could get damaged by rough brushes, metal guide rails, or pressure washing.


Installing Your Wheel Rims


  • Park your vehicle and engage the parking brake.

  • Remove the hubcap if necessary and loosen it, but do not remove the vehicle’s stock lugs using a factory lug wrench.

  • Locate the proper lift points under your vehicle, and lift one corner using a hydraulic jack or the factory jack.

  • Remove the factory lugs and wheels.


Test Fit Your 30 Spoke or 50 Spoke Wheels


  • Test fit your lugs – you should be able to turn them by hand.

  • Test fit your wheels.

  • If centering rings are included, don’t forget to include these while test fitting.

  • Once you have test-fitted the wheels and lugs loosely bolt the wheel onto the hub (do not tighten all the way).

  • Place the vehicle’s transmission in neutral, and slowly spin the wheel to ensure it does not come in contact with your vehicle’s caliper/brake discs/drum assembly.

  • If your tires are directional, be sure to install the wheel so that it spins in the proper direction.

  • If no problems are encountered while test fitting, install the remaining wheels.

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