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Our success has always been strengthened by good partnerships. Our various dealers and vendors have been instrumental in making us who we are today, and we continue to look for top-notch distributors to support our growth for today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

We look for distributors who have a commitment to quality, growth, excellence and who use practical methods for management and cost control.


We believe that partnering with experienced, qualified and value-driven dealers will promote the business advantage to set Texan Wire Wheels apart as a leader in aftermarket wire wheels. We look for:

  • Dealers with an experienced and professional staff
  • Dealers who are committed to ethical business practices
  • Dealers who bring Texan Wire Wheels a significant competitive edge
  • Dealers with businesses who have fully functional for at least two years
  • Dealers who are quality-driven and practice continuous cost improvement
  • Dealers who are dedicated to providing exceptional services, products, and support to our customers
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Texan Wire Wheels

With years of experience in the industry and the inspiration to begin a business enterprise run by vintage car collectors is how Texan Wire Wheels was born. Founded in Houston, TX almost a decade ago, Texan Wire Wheels is the premier manufacturer of the vintage 83s® and 84s® 30 Spoke Elbow® Wire Wheels. Check out our wire wheels for sale.

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