Limited Warranty

Texan Wire Wheels does NOT condone the use of adapters to put FWD wheels onto RWD cars. The use of adapters of any sort will VOID the warranty on our wheels.

  1. Texan Wire Wheels™ warrants their wire wheels to the original purchaser, under normal and reasonable use, to be free from defects in workmanship, rust, materials and structural integrity for a period of 30 days from the original purchase date. There will be NO REFUNDS before or after the warranty period, ONLY EXCHANGES if the product is deemed defect. This warranty excludes surface rust, which is prevented by proper care.
  2. Texan Wire Wheels™ makes no warranty, expressed or implied, or representation as to the quality of workmanship of its dealers or distributors, or of the ability of said dealer or distributor to render any technical assistance in connection with the installation or use of the products provided by Texan Wire Wheels™.
  3. Texan Wire Wheels™ assumes no responsibility for installation or removal labor, loss of vehicle use, customer or dealer inconvenience, loss of time, miscellaneous or consequential expenses.
  4. This warranty is void if the products are defective due to misuse, negligence, product alteration, repairs, damage in transit, off-road use, racing, accident, improper installation, lack of “fit-check” before mounting. Gold and black plating and all custom options are not warranted.
  5. This warranty is void if lugs are not tightened every 500 miles
  6. Because of our products’ distinctly and custom design, they are not intended or designed for general utility use or everyday use. Using our products for general utility or everyday use voids this warranty.
  7. This warranty is in lieu of all other express or implied warranties, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This limited warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights and consumer may also have other rights which can vary from state to state.
  8. Erratic driving or excessive swanging will cause wheels to clack or fail.

Download Warranty .pdf

Texan Wire Wheels

With years of experience in the industry and the inspiration to begin a business enterprise run by vintage car collectors is how Texan Wire Wheels was born. Founded in Houston, Texas over a decade ago, Texan Wire Wheels is the premier manufacturer of the vintage 83s® and 84s® 30 Spoke Elbow® Wire Wheels. Check out our wire wheels for sale.


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