The Only Wire Wheels Manufacturer To Offer Layaway Options Online


Texan Wire Wheels 30 Spokes Layaway
Vintage style wire wheels are more affordable than ever with dealer incentives and layaway plans taking the sting out of the cost of 30 spoke wire wheels and chrome accessories. Texan Wire Wheels now offers layaway online to their customers.

The continuing increased interest in custom style, chrome wheels and gold plated rims is creating a buyer’s market with manufacturers continuously creating new payment options and purchase plans to meet consumer needs. Top quality custom chrome accessories are expensive to manufacture and produce, resulting in high price tags that aren’t always immediately affordable for car owners.

Texan Wire Wheels is one of the few wire wheel manufacturing giants who are in-touch with the needs of its customers and offers affordable payment plans, discount memberships and other incentives for its online wire wheels for sale.

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Slab Culture Popularity

The continued interest in wire rims is in part due to the ongoing rise in the popularity of vintage cars from the 1980’s. It’s also due to the slab culture, a unique car-focused niche that prescribe car owners to trick out their vehicles in accessories, rims and caps that reflect the vintage heritage of their vehicles while adding street credibility to their look. Chrome plated wheels and accessories are of particular interest to members of slab culture and have contributed to their enduring demand for over a decade.

Adding Style To New Cars

Vintage cars aren’t the only vehicles being fitted with 30 spoke wire wheels these days. The bold, shiny look of chrome is more popular than ever with owners of newer SUVs, cars, and trucks. New variations on older styles, including special poke wheels have also created interest in the retail market with many car owners willing to pay top dollar for these vehicle accessories manufactured in the United States. In response to the rapidly growing interest in custom chrome fittings, many of today’s auto manufacturers are opening up the fender wells of new cars in order to accommodate gorilla pokes and other extended wire wheel styles.

Layaway Wire WheelsTexan Wire Wheels’ unique layaway plan make it easier to afford a complete set of 30 spoke wire wheels without breaking the bank or having to wait until customers have the full asking price before completing the sale. These options allow car owners to choose a complete set of ‘83s® or ‘84s® wire wheels by paying in installments over time, with sixty days being the most common layaway method. By spreading out payments rather than demanding a lump sum payment, Texan Wire Wheels is ensuring its much sought-after wire wheels within reach for car owners on limited budgets.

Texan Wire Wheels is a leading manufacturer of wire rims and the only wire wheels retailer to offer layaway options to their customers. They are the #1 retailer of vintage 30 spoke wire wheels in the United States offering both retail and wholesale sales.