Texan Wire Wheels Helps Bridge The Gap Between Police & Community


On Saturday, July 30th, as part of an event to decrease tension while building relationships between law enforcement and the community, Harris County Constable Precinct 1 patrol car got Texan Wire Wheels 84s swangas.

Featuring high profile music artists such as Paul Wall and Z-ro, the Building Bridges Between Law Enforcement & Youth basketball and soccer tournament and community services fair started with the young people meeting in a relaxed and fun environment with the diverse men and women from Precinct 1.

Sports have a way of uniting people from different walks of life — and at Sam Houston High School, police offers and inner city youth came together for basketball and soccer tournaments. Organized by the office of Harris County Constable Alan Rosen and Paul Wall, the police hope the effort helps build a positive relationship between youth and law enforcement.

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Paul Wall grew up and lives in the community. Both he and Constable Alan Rosen believes that it’s important for people of the community; especially the youth, to get to know the officers one-on-one to reduce and eventually eliminate the element of fear that people experience when law enforcement is present.

Texan Wire Wheels is proud to be a part of this historical event. No tax dollars were used for the rims on the patrol car. They were donated by Texan Wire Wheels.