Custom Spoke Wheels and Wire Wheels – The Ideal Finishing Touch For Your Ride

Texan Wire Wheels, the undeniable quality leader in 30 spoke wire rims. Manufactured in the USA since 2005, our custom wire wheels are the ideal finishing touch for your ride. Our wire wheels for cars provide style and innovation to wire wheels and our increasingly popular spoke wheels. Whether you’re looking for vintage 83s or 84s wire wheels for your ride or you want to learn more about the Slab Culture urban music scene, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Texan Wire Wheels. Solid steel construction, chrome detailing, and original designs mean you’re guaranteed to find the perfect spoke wheels for your car wire rims selection. Shop our 30 Spoke Wire Wheels.

Custom Spoke Wheels and Wire Wheels

30 Spoke Wire Wheels 83s® and 84s® Spoke Wheels

chrome 30 Spokes with gold spokes
chrome 30 spoke wire wheels
gold 30 spoke wire wheels


Family owned and operated, Texan Wire Wheels is the premier aftermarket wire wheels manufacturer of the vintage 83s® and 84s® 30 Spoke Elbow® Wire Wheels. With distribution centers in California and Texas, we are not only able to serve customers coast to coast, but also globally. Texan Wire Wheels 30 Spoke wheels are bringing cool back and providing personality to cars, like in the good old days. Regardless of your choice of vehicle, you can give it personal style with Texan Wire Wheels’ 83s® and 84s® 30 Spoke high-end and high-quality wheels.

Choose from shiny chrome, sparkling gold, or a combination of the two, and from a multitude of size options, from standard 15 inch rims to large 22″ wheels. Our Swanga Expert is always ready to guide you through the selection process and assist you in choosing the perfect wheel for your vehicle.


Our Mission

Nurture customer relationships and deliver on our promise to provide quality products.


Our Swanga Expert is available to assist you with your wheel choice at 877-847-9264.
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Poke Your Way

The Ultimate Choice

Texan Wire Wheels is the most reputable name in the aftermarket wire wheels industry offering factory wheel upgrades. We want to make it easy for you to get the set of 30 spoke wire wheels you desire. Call customer service at 1.877.84.SWANG®

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Custom Wheels & Rims

There is no compromise when it comes to personal preference. We can custom paint any set of rims in our paint facility.

custom rims color matching

If you want specialized advice on the right 30 spoke wheels for your vehicle or if you need information on any of the wire wheels we offer, feel free to contact our Swangas Expert.

Custom Wire Wheels

30 Spoke Elbow® Wire Wheels

Choose from our selection of beautiful custom made vintage 83s® and 84s® wire wheels. Our 30 Spoke wheels for sale are available for purchase in our online store.

Give your vehicle a distinctive look and style that everyone will envy.

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With years of experience in the industry and the inspiration to begin a business enterprise run by vintage car collectors is how Texan Wire Wheels was born. Founded in Houston, TX almost a decade ago, Texan Wire Wheels is the premier manufacturer of the vintage 83s® and 84s® 30 Spoke Elbow® Wire Wheels. Check out our wire wheels for sale.

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